About us

SIA "Construction trade" is a production company specializing in steel, stainless steel and aluminum constructions. Ltd. "Construction trade" employs highly qualified, certified and experienced workforce.

The company's plant is located in Riga and it is 1150m2. The company has all the necessary technological equipment for the production of metal structures, which allows to reduce production time and costs.

Production facilities are equipped with two cranes with a load capacity of 12.5t, which allows to produce structures whose components weighing up to 25 tonnes. Production facilities are equipped with a gate whose size is 4.1m. * 7 m.

The company is working on the basis of Europe and worldwide accepted manufacturing principles. Production using only certified and tested materials. Traceability of materiāls an consumable is carried out at all stages from material procurement to finished product delivery.

SIA "Construction trade" is a modern production company that constantly seeks to improve product quality and reduce production costs. Also production is based on high standards in occupational safety and environmental safety confirmed by many quality certificates obtained (ISO9001:2008; ISO 14001:2004; OHSAS 18001; ISO 3834-2; EN 1090-2)